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I need to buy a swimsuit for my weekend getaway. Where can I go?

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Download Otop and search for your product. We list items from 500+ stores in Singapore to help you find the nearest store that sells what you are looking for.

I am stucked with my girlfriend shopping at Orchard. What can I do?

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We have the best deals in town and some might just be a few meters away from you. Install Otop to stay alert. You will receive notifications with the best deals in your area.

I am at the grocery store, I should have made a shopping list.

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Save time on your shopping, plan it in advance. Charles & Keith, Sephora, Sheng Siong, Challenger... use Otop to check your favourite store new products and current discounts.

4.2 million products in 500+ stores

North Region
22 stores
110k products
West Region
62 stores
250k products
Central Region
243 stores
780k products
North-East Region
65 stores
255k products
East Region
77 stores
310k products

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